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These twin cornerstones have been vital to four decades of longevity, growth, and success. As individual ideas, Safety & Quality represent very specific, yet very different, business concepts.

In the daily course of providing fabrication and construction services to our customers, Greenberry Industrial faces numerous workplace hazards. These conditions require task-level planning, patience, and execution to ensure the work is performed safely and all employees go home at the end of each day. With major global customers that demand perfection and accept nothing less, Greenberry Industrial must consistently increase and deploy considerable expertise, training, and skill to meet our own high standards and our customers’ rigorous expectations.

Safety & Quality require commitment, leadership, teamwork, adaptability, intelligence, and integrity. As a hallmark of the Greenberry Industrial business model, which has endured for 40 years in business, Safety & Quality must be completely aligned and integrated.

Safety & Quality is a single, united philosophy.


1st Place – AGC of America
2013 Construction Safety Excellence Award

AGC Rose
AGC Oregon-Columbia Chapter
2013 Recognition of Safety Excellence Award Winner

Northwest Construction Consumer Council


Greenberry Internal QA/QC Program

  • All Facilities Fully Documented

API Certifications

  • ISO 9001:2008 – Registration # 1790
  • Spec Q1 – Registration # Q1-1637

ASME Quality Programs

  • NQA-1 Nuclear Fabrication

ASME Certifications

  • S Stamp – Manufacture and Assembly of Power Boilers
  • U Stamp – Manufacture of Pressure Vessels

National Board Certifications

  • R Stamp – Repairs and/or Alterations to Boilers & Pressure Vessels
  • NB Stamp – Registration of Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Other Pressure Retaining Items

AISC Certifications

  • Major Bridge
  • Fracture Critical Endorsement
  • Structural

CWB Certifications

  • CSA Standard W47.1 in Division 2
  • Fusion Welding of Steel
  • Fabrication of Structural Steel Components for Petroleum Processing