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Project Description


Greenberry was the general contractor for the installation of a Greenfield biomass unloading, storage (stacking), reclaiming, and feed system. The new system contained the following items:

  • Unloading – three receiving hoppers (two for live bottom trucks, one 75’ industrial truck dump) feeding five conveyors (1500’ total length).
  • Stacker/Reclaimer – capable of stacking 4 million cubic feet of biomass.
  • Feed System – five (1350’ total length) from the reclaimer to the Day Bin.
  • Fuel Feed System – two chain conveyors (100’ total length), four screw conveyors, and two Rotary Valves.


  • Subcontract management of site preparation including installation of underground utilities, fire systems, excavation for foundations, and paving
  • Installation of 3700 yards of concrete and 150 tons of rebar for equipment foundations
  • Fabrication and erection of 700 tons of structural steel for equipment
  • Installation of 7500 lineal feet of service piping including, firewater, utility water, and compressed air
  • Installation of 2500 lineal feet of hydraulic and lubrication tubing.
  • Demolition of existing coal feed equipment.
  • Modifications to the existing structures including four new structural towers to support new fuel feed equipment.
  • Subcontract management of the Electrical scope including all power, control, and instrumentation wiring, and the installation of MCC’s, PLC’s, and transformers (two 1500KVA, one 1000KVA) for three new MCC rooms.
  • Installed and tested over three hundred instruments
  • Mechanical, electrical, and piping tie-ins to existing facility
  • Commissioning and start-up support
  • Day bin modifications including the removal of its existing cone bottom, installing 1250 square feet of stainless lining, and installing a new flat bottom with structural steel reinforcement.
  • Mechanical installation of equipment


  • On schedule
  • Worked 100,000+ safe hours

Project Details