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With a company-wide focus on detail and quality, we’re able to understand the requirements of modern nuclear facilities.

Greenberry is an industry leader in providing safety related items and services to both commercial and government regulated nuclear facilities. We specialize in procurement engineering services for complex, engineered items and commodities for new construction, as well as spare parts and replacement parts.

Nuclear Engineering, Procurement & Qualification Services

Our approach is to provide cost-effective solutions to meet the stringent demands in the most sensitive environments. Our NQA-1 program has been audited and approved by multiple EPC firms and Department of Energy facilities, as well as the NRC.

Our ability to perform cost-effective nuclear procurement resides in the strength of our working knowledge and the application of procurement strategies including Commercial Grade Dedication. We evaluate design basis requirements using safety functions and safety significance considerations to develop rigorous technical evaluations in accordance with regulatory expectations.

Our nuclear engineering group’s experience and talent is unmatched in the industry. Greenberry engineers serve active roles on code committees and industry working groups in order to provide our customer the most cost-effective procurement and fabrication solution every time.

  • Commercial Grade Dedication
  • Safety Classifications
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Replacement Parts
  • Environmental & Seismic Qualification

Greenberry provides engineering and quality management services to assure programmatic compliance regardless of the complexity of the situation. Our team interacts directly with members of the US Department of Energy and the NRC on challenges from a regulatory standpoint in order to develop and implement solutions to meet industry expectations.

  • Regulatory Advisement
  • Audit Representation
  • QA Program Development
  • Quality Program Management Support
  • Procedure Development
  • Consulting Services

Greenberry is a leading supplier of safety related equipment. Our team works with many of the leading manufacturing companies to ensure form, fit and functional performance. No matter what’s specified we have a solution.

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Instrumentation
  • HVAC
  • Fire Suppression

Greenberry specializes in the supply and custom fabrication of structural steel assemblies, pressure vessels, tanks, pressure piping and integrated modules. Nuclear fabrication is performed using a detailed shop traveler system and specialized process procedures integrated with effective oversight activity. We primarily obtain material directly from producing mills or mill-designated sources to provide a high level of confidence in the supply chain.

  • Vessels
  • Integrated Modules
  • Process Skids
  • Pipe Spooling
  • Structural Steel
  • Heat Exchangers

Greenberry provides state-of-the-art testing and qualification services to meet the most rigorous demands.

  • Environmental Qualification
  • Seismic Qualification
  • Mechanical / Physical Properties
  • Material Identification
  • Pressure Testing

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