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WTP Gas Analyzers


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Project Overview

Design, fabrication, and testing of the hardware and software for the Active Safety Process Gas Analyzers (PGA’s) and associated sampling and conditioning systems that will monitor the inlet and outlet of the Carbon Bed Adsorber (CBA) on the secondary off gas treatment system. Each of these PGA’s will monitor for Carbon monoxide (CO). Supply all equipment, structures, systems, and components required for fully operational and functional gas monitoring systems.

Project Highlights

Total components: ~275 individual items/components per analyzer system

  • Isolation valves for each sampling point
  • Cabling and all ancillary system accessories for system operation
  • Cabinet(s) for analyzers, signal processors, controllers, servers, supporting electronics, conditioning systems, and other associated hardware
  • Tunable diode laser spectrometers
  • Power supplies
  • Flow meters/switches
  • Safety relays
  • Sample pump
  • Relief valve
  • Temperature transmitter
  • Pressure transmitter
  • Heat trace controller
  • Heat exchanger
  • Heater
  • Sample transport Umbilical
  • Tubing and fittings
  • Electrical wiring, cables, and various connectors

Engineering Deliverables/Responsibilities:

  • Sample transport system(s)/umbilical(s) – including, as applicable, sample conditioning systems, isolation valves, calibration gas tubing, instrument air tubing, sample transport tubing, heat trace, pump(s), and sample return as applicable, as well as flow measurement, temperature measurement, pressure regulators, gauges, isolation valve switching and automated sample sequencing as required
  • System diagnostics including low sample flow, low heat trace temperature, and use of system components with integral fault detection capability
  • System engineering
  • System design
  • Embedded and utility software
  • System documentation
  • Equipment Qualification (EQ) – both Equipment Environmental Qualification (EEQ) and Equipment Seismic Qualification (ESQ)
  • Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD)
  • Installation documentation
  • Recommendation and supply of spare parts
  • System testing
  • System start-up assistance

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