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Processing Services

At Greenberry, we offer a broad range of industrial processing services for materials including stainless steel, stainless alloys, carbon steel, and aluminum. Our automated processing equipment helps us complete projects with increased efficiency and precision.

The Kinetic K3200XMC in our Vancouver, Washington facility boasts a variety of functions, including high-definition plasma cutting with 5-axis beveling, oxy-fuel cutting, multi-process drilling, tapping, boring, thermal cutting, and machining. If that’s not enough, this machine includes a part unloading system and palletizer along with heat and serial number tracking capabilities.

Our fabrication shop in Corvallis, Oregon, is home to a Plasma ProStar PRS900. This plate cutting system features a plasma beam line capable of processing wide flange beams, channels, HSS tubes, bulb flats, and angles. Its two plate tables can process both 2D and 3D parts. The ProStar PRS900 is ideal for cutting holes, copes, and slots; beveling; etching; bevel cutting; and beam cutting and splitting (for T-Beams). It also features a marking system for structural member layout, along with multi-axis cutting and layout marking capabilities.