Corporate Headquarters

600 SE Maritime Ave. Suite 190
Vancouver, WA 98661


UPF Gas Analyzers

Detailed design, manufacture, calibration, qualification (Seismic and Environmental) and testing of four (4) safety related inline process offgas analyzers with associated control cabinets. Commercial grade dedication was performed for all safety related components, design and assembly services, and associated final acceptance testing.

WTP Gas Analyzers

Design, fabrication, and testing of the hardware and software for the Active Safety Process Gas Analyzers (PGA’s) and associated sampling and conditioning systems that will monitor the inlet and outlet of the Carbon Bed Adsorber (CBA) on the secondary off gas treatment system. Each of these PGA’s will monitor for Carbon monoxide (CO). Supply all […]

Nuclear Test Vessel

Bechtel Nuclear, Security and Environmental global business operating unit contracted Greenberry to build a 16 foot diameter by 38 foot tall stainless steel, complex test vessel in the Vancouver fabrication shop. Fabrication consisted of three shell courses of 3/4 thick 316L stainless steel with a 10 foot skirt. Internals were comprised of (6) 36 diameter […]