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Paper Machine Improvement & Headbox Replacement

HEADBOX REPLACEMENT Greenberry was contracted by International Paper to replace and/or upgrade multiple approach piping and mechanical systems, a new primary and secondary headbox, and new slitting equipment on an existing, fully operating containerboard, paper machine. Greenberry was tasked to complete the pre-shutdown as well as the shutdown installation,


Cosmo Specialty Fibers – Maintenance Services

COSMO SPECIALTY FIBERS MAINTENANCE Greenberry Industrial is proud to have worked for over five years and over 500,000 hours with zero recordable injuries at Cosmo Specialty Fibers in Cosmopolis, Washington. Greenberry was contracted by Cosmo Specialty Fibers in 2011, when the paper mill was recommissioned, to provide maintenance services.


New Head Box & Fourdrinier Rebuild

NEW HEAD BOX & FOURDRINIER REBUILD As an industrial mechanical contractor with over three decades of precision millwright experience in the Northwest pulp and paper sector, Greenberry was called upon to provide detailed constructability, shutdown planning, headbox installation, Fourdinier bracing, and supporting construction management and industrial services. SERVICES PROVIDED


Lithium Conversion

LITHIUM CONVERSION Greenberry was selected by the owner as general contractor to build several phases of this fast track project.  Major phases Greenberry was responsible for included: The new baler system, including all civil, structural, and mechanical  systems. The new palletizer system. The new converting building. The Lithium mezzanine steel.


Stacker / Reclaimer Installation


STACKER/RECLAIMER INSTALLATION Installation of a Greenfield chip unloading, storage (stacking), reclaiming, and feed system. Unloading – two 75′ Phelps Industries truck dump systems feeding three Dimisa conveyors (930′ total length). Stacker/Reclaimer – FMW 360 degree stacker/reclaimer capable of stacking 6 million cubic feet of wood chips. Feed System – one