EMF Vessels

EMF VESSELS Greenberry was contracted by Bechtel National Inc (BNI) to fabricate six large diameter alloy and stainless-steel corrosion-resistant process vessels for Hanford’s Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (WTP), also know at the Vit Plant. The vessels will help process liquids throughout the effluent management facility. Design, fabrication,


CBI/WECTEC – Westinghouse AP1000 Floor Modules


CBI/WECTEC – Westinghouse AP1000 Floor Modules Greenberry Industrial has been selected by CBI/WECTEC to fabricate 72 floor section modules for four new Westinghouse AP1000 nuclear plants; the first nuclear plants built in the US in 35 years. These modular floor sections include various structural components for the plant and also


Bechtel Stainless Steel, Complex Vessel

BECHTEL STAINLESS STEEL, COMPLEX VESSEL Bechtel’s Nuclear, Security and Environmental global business operating unit contracted Greenberry to build a 16 foot diameter by 38 foot tall stainless steel, complex test vessel in the Vancouver fabrication shop. Fabrication consisted of three shell courses of 3/4” thick 316L stainless steel with a


Nuclear Shielded Container


NUCLEAR SHIELDED CONTAINER Greenberry was contracted to provide project management, engineering and expedited fabrication of one DOT 7A Type A Shielded Container for final delivery to Hanford Nuclear Reservation. SERVICES PROVIDED Worked together with customer to complete a design that meets radiation shielding requirements of the procurement specification. Supplied materials


ITS Flush Vessels

ITS FLUSH VESSELS The customer hired Greenberry to fabricate two, 304 Stainless Steel, ITS Flush Vessels for the Hanford Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (WTP) in Richland, WA. SERVICES PROVIDED Supplied all materials, equipment, and labor to fabricate two, 304ss, ITS Flush Vessels Performed NDE, PMI and Hydro-testing