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The Dalles Dam – Upstream Navigation Lock Gate


DALLES DAM UPSTREAM NAVIGATION LOCK GATE Greenberry Industrial was selected to provide gate fabrication and coatings for the new upstream navigation lock gate and associated major components for the The Dalles Dam. The new dam gate is approximately 92’ long and weighs 220,000 pounds and was fabricated in one piece


Arctic Containment System

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ARCTIC CONTAINMENT SYSTEM Greenberry Industrial was contracted by the project owner to provide fabrication and construction services for work associated with its Arctic Containment System (ACS) Project. The ACS is a first-of-its-kind prototype spill containment system designed to support offshore oil exploration activities in Arctic waters. Under fast-track conditions from


Port of Everett Terminal Expansion

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PORT OF EVERETT TERMINAL EXPANSION Complete refurbishment of the existing port bulk facility to handle approximately 500,000-tons of cement per year. The new terminal will include a 350-foot diameter 60,000-ton storage dome, docking facilities, conveying equipment, and loading bays for both truck and rail service. SERVICES PROVIDED


Dorena Dam Hydro Electric Construction

DORENA DAM HYDRO ELECTRIC CONSTRUCTION Greenberry was hired by the project owner to furnish mechanical, piping, and structural services for the completion of this hydroelectric project. SERVICES PROVIDED Installation of new Francis Wicket Gate actuator, including related transducer and switch mounts. Installation of hydraulic oil and water piping


Emergency Generator Canopy Systems


EMERGENCY GENERATOR CANOPY SYSTEMS Design/Build new Emergency Generator Containment and canopy system to house the Emergency Generator for the Detroit and Big Cliff Dam facilities. SERVICES PROVIDED Provide and coordinate all design, engineering, excavation, crane, scaffolding, and inspection subcontractor’s Excavate for and place new concrete foundations and containment


Navigation Lock Downstream Gate Replacment


NAVIGATION LOCK DOWNSTREAM GATE REPLACEMENT This project involved the critical shut down of the Columbia River water traffic to enable the replacement of the 50 year old John Day Dam navigation lock downstream gate. Greenberry’s scope of services including fitting and welding of the four new dam gate sections utilizing


Modular MCC Building Fabrication & Assembly

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MODULAR MCC BUILDING FABRICATION & ASSEMBLY Greenberry was contracted to supply a new MCC building for the replacement fish ladder pumps at the John Day Dam on the Columbia River. Greenberry utilized multiple fabrication facilities, and the final module was assembled at the Greenberry waterfront access facility. In addition to