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Project Overview

Greenberry Industrial was contracted by the project owner to provide modular fabrication and construction services for work associated with its Arctic Containment System (ACS) Project. The ACS is a first-of-its-kind prototype spill containment system designed to support offshore oil exploration activities in Arctic waters. Under fast-track conditions from day one, the original scope of the project included fabrication and assembly of the two primary modules of the ACS, the Process Module (for oil/water separation) and the Sub-Sea Module (for below-surface spill location, containment and recovery). As General Contractor, Greenberry provided bulk materials procurement, structural steel and pipe spool fabrications, field assembly and marine installation of the modules onto the 315-foot x 107-foot Arctic Challenger barge moored at the Port of Bellingham Shipping Terminal.

Project Highlights

  • Fabrication of both module structures, various other structures and enclosures totaling more than 1,300 tons
  • Extensive low-temp welding procedures for Arctic applications to -50 degrees F
  • Fabrication of 6,500 feet of piping systems with supports
  • Fabrication of 1,000 feet of HVAC ductwork with supports
  • Fabrication of 4,000 feet of fire systems
  • Fabrication of black/gray water, potable water, diesel, and fire water systems totaling 3,000 feet
  • 2.5 million weld inches; only 0.36% weld test failure rate (using X-ray, Mag particle and Dye penetrant methods)

Assembly/Installation Highlights

  • Field assembly of module structures and installation of 480 tons of vessels, pumps, hose reels, and HVAC equipment
  • Rolling two 80% completed modules, weighing 705 tons each, onto an empty barge utilizing self-propelled module transporters (SPMTs)
  • Assembly and installation of 520 tons of structures and enclosures on the barge deck
  • Installation of generators, gantry cranes, accommodation modules, anchor and lifeboat systems
  • Installation of fire protection systems (HVAC) for various machine areas
  • Installation of marine electrical systems approximately 5,000 feet
  • 567,438 safe work hours

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