Willamette Terminal Expansion2019-07-08T11:36:47-07:00

Project Description


Complete refurbishment of the old Goldendale Alumina Ship Unloading Facility to handle cement. Work included the removal and refurbishment of over 900 feet of airslides. Refurbishment of over 900 feet of truss located 125 feet in the air, complete modification of 3 90’ x 90’ tanks to store and discharge cement including the installation of a new Blower island and all blower piping, including a new FL Smidth floating floor in each Tank.

Under a separate contract with FL Smidth at the Ash Grove Facility, Greenberry fabricated and installed a 1900 foot long pipe conveyor. Greenberry fabricated approximately 590,000 lbs of conveyor components and installed the conveyor on schedule in time for a November 2007 initial operation. The pipe conveyor starts with a normal belt conveyor and then rolls upon itself to form a pipe configuration to transport and protect the material. This pipe conveyor now links the newly renovated Willamette Terminal with the existing Truck Load Out to the south of the terminal.


  • Demolition of the existing Unloader Arm and Boom and modification of all steel in the support structure
  • Installation of over 6000 yards of concrete and 200 tons of rebar for the Tank Bottom modifications
  • Fabrication and erection of 400 tons of structural steel for equipment
  • Installation of a new Van Aalst Ship Unloader, Filter Vessel, Blower and Arm, 850 tons per hour capacity.
  • Installation of all compressed air, water and blower service piping
  • Mechanical equipment and piping installation of new blowers and reconditioned blowers
  • Removal of the old air compressors and installation of a new, more efficient air compressor and dryer
  • Modification of the old Blower Building, including CMU and concrete
  • Mechanical and piping tie-ins to relocated and new equipment
  • Miscellaneous improvements to handrails, ladders, walkways, etc., to bring the plant into OSHA compliance.
  • All instrumentation, control  values, and control tubing
  • Baghouse reconditioning, start-up of baghouses.
  • Commissioning and start-up support


  • On schedule
  • Worked 75,000+ safe hours