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Project Description

CBI/WECTEC – Westinghouse AP1000 Floor Modules

Greenberry Industrial has been selected by CBI/WECTEC to fabricate 72 floor section modules for four new Westinghouse AP1000 nuclear plants; the first nuclear plants built in the US in 35 years. These modular floor sections include various structural components for the plant and also serve as forms that will be filled with concrete once installed. These structural modules will be installed in the containment building at various levels and will support other process equipment such as motors, pumps, cabinets, etc., as well as the concrete. Westinghouse has initiated a standardized design with these modular fabrication designs.

Greenberry is using 3D structural models to verify and correct any interference where other modules meet. Additionally, we have provided input regarding potential installation issues. Greenberry is following strict NQA-1 requirements for traceability and quality control for the nuclear procurement and safety requirements. The failure rate for the welding has been much lower than the industry average. The standardized module designs include carbon steel, duplex steel and 304 stainless steel components as well as carbon studs to stainless steel. To date, 53 modules have been completed, totaling over 1,845,000 lbs. This project is anticipated to be completed in April 2017.


Westinghouse AP1000 Floor Modules

Nuclear Module Fabrication

Westinghouse AP1000 Modular Fabrication


  • Constructibility and configuration control
  • Nuclear procurement including dedication of materials, engineered items and commercial services
  • Fabrication services for Westinghouse AP1000 floor modules
  • Quantities: 72 total modules, 18 different designs, 1,344 T of steel