Walking Beam Reheat Furnace2019-07-08T11:42:49-07:00

Project Description


Installation of new 3,000,000 lb walking beam gas fired reheat furnace consisting of over 12,000 individual pieces. The furnace is used to reheat slabs of steel approximately 9″ thick x 4′ wide by 40′ long weighing 40,000 lbs. The furnace is capable of reheating about 800 tons of steel to 2,400 degrees F per hour. The reheated steel is then rolled into plate steel.


  • Installed furnace structure with outside dimensions of 200’x 48′ x 50′ and weighing approximately 620 tons
  • Assembly and alignment of a 120 ton moving frame which is hydraulically lifted and pulled forward to walk the steel through the furnace
  • Installed 200 tons of structural steel for ducting, piping, and catwalk supports
  • Installed 240 tons of fabricated ducts for the furnace exhaust and recuperator
  • Installed over 18,000 lf of piping for hydraulics, water, natural gas, instrument air, and steam systems. Installed 915 valves in all the systems.
  • Installed 2150 lf combustion air duct system (12″ – 60″)
  • Installed eight 200-800hp air blowers
  • Installed 150′ tall x 10′ dia. refractory lined stack set (over 125,000 lb) in one piece at a 180′ radius through the roof of the existing building
  • Assembled and installed recovery heat boiler to provide 100 lb. steam to the plant operations
  • Management of refractory subcontractor
  • Managed the installation of 520 tons of rammed plastic refractory
  • Managed the installation of 500 tons of castable refractory
  • Managed the installation of 920 tons of fire resistant brick
  • Managed the installation of insulation
  • Managed installation of 40,000 sq ft of aluminum cladded mineral wool insulation and 2000 sq ft of sewn blankets
  • Commissioning and start-up support.

Project Details