VCE Mechanical & Piping Construction2019-07-08T10:59:55-07:00

Project Description


This project consisted of replacing the existing VCE with a new shell and tube falling film style evaporator. The work involved removal of local support equipment and installation of new equipment to perform the same process tasks. Demolition of the VCE during a September 2012 Total Mill Outage was followed immediately with installation of the new system.


  • Pre-shutdown mobilization
  • Pipe spooling drawings, fabrication, and tie-ins
  • Field run piping
  • Coordination of freight for vessel components from Port of Seattle to our fabrication facilities
  • Pre-assembly of vessel pieces into larger components and freight to job site for final assembly
  • Final VCE assembly during 3-week window after arrival of equipment and before shutdown. This consisted of the completion of the heater body, vapor dome and skirt, all shell components, top cone, bottom cone, middle heater section, and all nozzles.
  • Installation and rolling-in of 2000 heat exchanger tubes
  • Demolition coordination with insulation removal subcontractor
  • Setup, and coordination of 500-ton crane for multiple demolition and installation picks.  Engineering, planning, and completion of major critical picks.
  • Tandem pick of new vessel with 500-ton and 300-ton crane
  • Placed new concrete pump bases and installed new equipment
  • Shutdown work performed around the clock, 7 days a week
  • All mechanical demolition and removal
  • ASME U Stamp reporting and testing
  • Installation of vapor ducts to tie-points
  • Complete installation of new VCE Recirc Pump
  • Structural installation of catwalks, ladders, steel modifications
  • Complete piping system tie-ins for mill start-up
  • Installed new 125-hp 900-rpm motor and two 50-hp 1800-rpm VFD pump motors
  • Coordination with Electrical/Instrumentation/Controls/ Scaffolding/ Insulation subcontractors
  • Shop fabrication of all pipe spools, vessel pre-assembly, miscellaneous catwalks, and roof steel


  • Zero recordables or lost time
  • On time and on budget