Rail Unloading & Stacking System2019-07-08T11:41:08-07:00

Project Description


This project included the Greenfield installation of a new rail unloading facility. The system was designed to unload 2″ x 0 coal at a nominal rate of 4,000 STPH, and use bottom dump rail cars that are continuously in motion. The hopper bottoms are equipped with opposing feeders that will convey coal towards the center point of the two hoppers and charge a 84″ Wide Reclaim Conveyor at a 90 degree angle operating at 575 feet per minute. This conveyor feeds a fixed mast, self-propelled, 84″ Wide x 150′ Long Radial Stacker.


  • Installation of hopper and conveyor foundations,  and retaining walls
  • Coordination of multiple fabrication and paint facilities to meet aggressive project schedule
  • Fabrication and erection of 84” self propelled radial stacker
  • Fabrication and installation of miscellaneous platforms and structural supports
  • Installation of McLanahan drag flight feeders
  • Work closely with electrical and earth moving contractors to meet demanding schedules
  • Installed Concrete walls – 100’L x 3.5’W x 27’ T
  • Placed 4000 cu. yards of concrete
  • Placed 250 tons of rebar
  • Fabricated and erected 650 tons of structural steel
  • Fabricated and erected 600 lineal feet of conveyors
  • Fabricated and installed 2 transfer towers
  • Assist in the commissioning and start-up


  • On schedule
  • No safety incidences