New Head Box & Fourdrinier Rebuild2019-07-08T11:00:13-07:00

Project Description


As an industrial mechanical contractor with over three decades of precision millwright experience in the Northwest pulp and paper sector, Greenberry was called upon to provide detailed constructability, shutdown planning, headbox installation, Fourdinier bracing, and supporting construction management and industrial services.


  • Developed scope, estimate and schedule
  • Customer constructability study
  • Construction management and coordination
  • Reduced S/D duration by approx. 24 hours using innovative techniques
  • Set new head box within .002″ using precision millwright work
  • Designed, fabricated and installed breast roll lock-up mechanism
  • Reworked fourdinier bracing
  • Field verified, designed, fabricated and installed new save-all pans
  • Reset and aligned all vacuum boxes
  • Reworked portions of the dandy rails
  • Installed new deckles and showers
  • Reworked the BTF hoses (62 total)
  • Designed, fabricated and installed sole plate pedestals
  • Installed new head box, level and square to .002″
  • Repairs to the existing concrete foundation
  • Miscellaneous chemical and shower piping
  • Designed, fabricated and installed new stainless steel splash shields
  • Designed, fabricated catwalks connecting the new catwalks to existing fourdrinier catwalks
  • Stainless steel piping


  • Under budget
  • Ahead of schedule
  • Actual shut-down duration – 8 shifts
  • Start-up support – 2 shifts