Navigation Lock Downstream Gate Replacment2019-07-08T11:34:35-07:00

Project Description


This project involved the critical shut down of the Columbia River water traffic to enable the replacement of the 50 year old John Day Dam navigation lock downstream gate. Greenberry’s scope of services including fitting and welding of the four new dam gate sections utilizing our AISC certification, with Fracture Critical Endorsement.


  • Welding of four new dam gate sections. Each section was approx 30 feet tall, 110 feet wide, total sections weighed 1.8 million pounds.
  • 330 lineal feet of complex full penetration welding utilizing GMAW welding procedure and semi automatic track mounted welding system. All welds were 100% ultrasonic tested, and 25% radiographic tested with full time visual inspection. Each full length weld (3 total) in the 1-1/4” thick skin plate required 28 passes for the entire length of 110 LF. equaling a total of almost 10,000 feet of weld.
  • Fitting and welding of all loose stiffener plates all of which were fracture critical members
  • Fitting and full penetration welding of (6) 2-3/4” end plates with no failed ultrasonic tests
  • No failed x-ray shots
  • 24 hour, around the clock work during January through mid March shutdown in inclement  weather conditions
  • Quality control management of critical welding procedures
  • Project management and heavy coordination with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


  • On schedule and under budget
  • Trouble-free startup