Hydro Transport Modules2021-08-25T13:17:55-07:00

Project Description


Greenberry Industrial was contracted by the project owner to provide fabrication and assembly services for five (5) hydro transfer pump station modules. Each shipped module was 24’ x 24’ x 120’ and 157 tons. Steel was fabricated in our fabrication shops in Corvallis, OR and Vancouver, WA. Greenberry utilized Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) welding procedures in accordance with CSA Standard W47.1 & W59 for fabrication and assembly of these pump house modules. Final assembly took place in our 135-acre Cut Bank, MT assembly yard. Completed modules were transported to the job site north of Ft. McMurray in five (5) days via the Sweetgrass border crossing and the permitted high load corridor in Alberta.


  • 1,230,500 lbs shop fabricated and field erected steel
  • 100,000 linear inches of shop welds
    • 375 each Radiographic Test (RT) shots @ 99% passing
    • 11% of welds were Magnetic Particle Tested (MT) @ 99.9% passing
  • 30,000 linear inches of field welds
    • 85 each RT shots @ 99% passing
    • 18% of welds were MT @ 99.7% passing
  • 41,000 sf of insulated siding and roofing panels installed
  • ~ 10,000 lf of shop fabricated piping (combined all 5 modules)
  • 4,250 lf of cable tray installed
  • 170,000 lf of cabling installed (32 miles)
  • Equipment Installed:
    • MCC, 450 kVA Transformers, 125 V Transformers, VFDs, UPSs
    • Control Panels, Relay Panels, Lighting
    • Advanced Fire Alarm Systems, HVAC 35 Ton Units
    • Heaters, Dampers, Fans, Bridge Cranes


  • 5 day delivery to Fort McMurray, AB
  • 100,000+ labor hours, no recordables or lost time incidents

Project Details