Head Box & Approach Piping2019-07-08T11:02:15-07:00

Project Description


Greenberry worked with the owner to develop the scope, project execution plan, schedule and budget. All key components were installed and piping systems were tied in.


  • Jointly developed scope, estimate and schedule with customer
  • Construction Management and Coordination
  • Demo’d existing head box
  • Demo’d existing approach piping
  • Stainless Steel piping with a cotton ball internal finish
  • Precision Millwright work to set new sole plates
  • Set new Head Box within .002″
  • Set new GL&V BTF distributor, with new new hoses
    (66 ea)
  • Significant amount of approach piping changes
  • Miscellaneous chemical and shower piping changes
  • Modify, relocate existing pumps and Stuff box
  • Structural Steel changes to support the relocated Stuff box
  • Installed reworked breast roll arms
  • Installed new Breast roll lift drives, sheaves and cables
  • Installed Forming board and aligned to Fourdrinier table
  • Installed new GL&V provided catwalk system
  • Re-poured the existing concrete floor slab
  • Design, fabricate and install additonal S.S. splash shields


  • Under Budget
  • On-Time