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Project Description


Greenberry was contracted by Nabors Drilling in 2015 to provide modular fabrication, assembly, piping, electrical and instrumentation and equipment installation on the CDR3 Coil Horizontal Drill Rig. Greenberry served in the role of construction integrator for the fabrication, assembly, and equipment installers for this one year project with final assembly at Greenberry’s Vancouver yard in Washington.

The CDR3 rig is a smaller, sister rig to a design built over eight years ago. This smaller, coil rig is used on existing oil wells to reach harder pockets of deposits, as well as being able to drill horizontally. Nabors claims this state-of-the-art drill rig is the largest in operation in the world. This drilling machine is being used by Conoco Phillips at the Kuparuk oil fields on the North Slope of Alaska.

Greenberry assembled the two module pieces that formed this rig; the drill rig and the service module that housed the instrumentation. The assembly of this project took place at our Vancouver, WA facility.

Additionally, this project required the completed rig to be barged to the North Slope of Alaska. Construction and installation could only be completed in a very narrow window of time during the summer months in Alaska. Greenberry’s access to a deep-water port on the Columbia River was a perfect fit for the project to be completed in Vancouver, and placed on a barge in the 3,000-ton loading dock. We were able to complete the fabrication, assembly, and equipment installation, resulting in a fully complete product on-site.

Conoco Phillips declared the shipment to be the most completed rig ever shipped to the slope, eliminating costs. Delivering a fully complete rig to the North Slope enabled an early start to drilling, thus decreasing Conoco Phillips’ installation schedule and time to market.

The overall scope of fabrication services included the following.


  • Assisted the assembly of both module structures including the drill module with a mast that can be folded down to be portable for transportation. The structure was over 156 feet tall.
  • Both structures were built on king-pin trailers, each with 24 tires that have independent suspension.
  • Fabrication of 3,000 feet of piping systems with supports.
  • Fabrication of 500 feet of HVAC ductwork with supports.
  • Critical welding with less than .5 % failure rate
  • Fabrication and assembly of 10,000 PSI high pressure piping system.
  • Fabricated and installed steam system throughout the modules.
  • Provided cranes services for the project. Used three 60 to 300-ton mobile and six 10 to 30-ton shop bridge cranes.
  • Used over 150,000 SF of shop space to assemble and fabricate out of the weather.
  • Used 3 dimensional piping design programs for better and efficient pipe routes in tight access areas.
  • Fabricated and installed all windwall (weather protection around the mast and drill floor).
  • Fabricated and assembled the injector house modules.
  • Fabrication of large cable and drill pipe spools.
  • Installation of two Caterpillar generators, mud pumps, mud screens, and blending tanks.


  • On schedule
    • Enabled an early start on drilling
  • No safety incidents

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