Digester Liquor Heaters Fabrication2019-07-08T11:05:56-07:00

Project Description

Digester Liquor Heaters Fabrication

Greenberry fabricated four identical 36” OD digester liquor heaters at our Vancouver, WA, facility. Greenberry performed the complete mechanical design and internally created all fabrication drawings in order to meet the tight delivery timeline. The first two units were required in November 2018, just 16 weeks after ordering. These replacement digestor liquor heaters required tight tolerances in order to fit into the existing equipment locations. The final two units were completed in December 2018 and shipped January 2019.

The digester liquor heaters were fabricated out of carbon steel and duplex stainless-steel which necessitated welding and fabrication within a controlled environment. Greenberry was able to meet this quality standard in our Vancouver, WA, facility.

Project Details