Bio-Fuels and Ethanol Terminal Upgrade2019-07-08T11:27:14-07:00

Project Description


Greenberry was selected by the owner as general contractor to modify their Seattle/Harbor Island Terminal facility at the Port of Seattle so they could receive and distribute both ethanol and bio-fuels to the Seattle Metropolitan area.  This was a fast tract project that involved an extensive amount of overtime while also maintaining an extensive QA/QC program that included over 6,000 diameter inches of X-Ray quality welding of carbon pipe.


  • 100% of all civil and concrete placement.
  • Extensive expansion of the rail car unloading area.
  • Fabricate and install over 8,600 lineal feet of 2” to 10” carbon pipe.
  • Over 6,000 diameter inches of pipe welding that were X-Ray tested at both our shop and in the field.
  • 100% of all structural steel fabrication and installation.
  • 100% of all piping insulation supply and install.
  • 100% of all surface preparation and painting.
  • Installations of all new gasoline, diesel, ethanol, and bio-fuel loading arm piping and equipment for five truck lanes.
  • Start up support.


  • Project completed on time.
  • Project completed within budget.