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State of the Art Burn Tables

Greenberry has invested in state-of-the-art automated burn tables for our Corvallis, OR and Vancouver, WA fabrication facilities to maximize productivity and facility efficiency. Processing plates and beams in-house helps us control project schedules and decrease costs for our clients. We can operate multiple shifts to increase capacity day and night, accommodating compressed project schedules. Our heavy industrial fabrication services include modules, storage tanks, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, structural steel, and pipe spools.

Kinetic K3200XMC

Our Vancouver, WA  facility now boasts the Kinetic K3200XMC – Automated Burn Table with Robotic Unloader. It is capable of high-definition plasma cutting with a multi-axis beveling head. Additionally, it can drill and cut using oxy-fuel.

Key Highlights

Full length beam splitting to produce T-Beams

Marking system for structural member layout

Multi-axis cutting and layout marking

Plasma Pro-Star PRS900

Our Corvallis, OR facility houses the ProStar PRS900 – Automated Burn Table. It has Optimized Touch Sensing which compensates for mill tolerances in all conditions. It also has multi-axis cutting and layout marking while also processes as a high-definition plasma cutter with oxy fuel cutting for larger sections.

Key Highlights

Part Unloading System and Palletizer for parts up to 42”

Heat & Serial Number tracking

Multi-process drilling, thermal cutting and machining

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