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In addition to GBI’s extensive fabrication facilities and related resources in Oregon and Washington, we have a 135-acre module assembly yard in Cut Bank, Montana, 50 miles south of the Canadian border.

Our assembly yard includes:

  • 135 acres of total available land (50 currently developed)
  • Site is compacted to handle 150+ ton module weights and heavy mobile cranes
  • Ability to duplicate modules interfaces – end-to-end, side by side, and/or stacked
  • On-site fabrication capacity
  • Available project office space
  • Dry climate with year-round ability to assemble and ship in excess of 150 tons
  • Primary and secondary permitted transportation routes for 24’x24’x120 module envelopes to Alberta, Saskatchawan, North Dakota, and Mid-West and Rocky Mountain states
  • Climate controlled warehouse space nearby
  • Capability to outfit site with gantry cranes
  • Three-phase power, water, and natural gas

This facility’s primary services and specializations include (but are not limited to):


    Cut Bank, MT

    • 228 Hwy 213
      Cut Bank, MT 59427
    • Phone: +1 (888) 247-9973