Greenberry has been fabricating and assembling complete fabricated modules for our customers for years. In today’s business environment, the modularization of plant processes offers many advantages. With our state-of-the-art facilities, and our ability to self perform most of the module fabrication elements such as mechanical and structural, we can efficiently build part of your project in our fabrication facilities. Once fabricated, we can fully test and de-bug the module prior to installation in your facility.

Module fabrication in our facilities offers advantages of better quality control, and consistency for module duplication. Testing and commissioning in our shop results in lower costs. Offsite testing reduces the risk of performance-related startup delays. Our module fabrication has proven to have many advantages to our customers resulting in reduced disruption to existing plant operations, and reducing on-site construction impacts.

Greenberry has the facilities, safety culture, quality programs, and expertise to deliver truckable modules as well as Super modules.