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Greenberry Industrial, LLC, founded in 1974, is one of the leading hydro fabricators and contractors in the United States. Greenberry has extensive experience working on hydropower projects including the USACE, conservation districts, and power generation providers in the Western States.

Our recently completed projects include:

The fabrication of the tainter gates at the Dalles Dam in The Dalles, Oregon. This hydropower construction project involved the fabrication of a replacement 120 ton, 92’ tainter gate used for the navigation lock. The value of the project this project exceeded $2M.

The replacement of the fish ladder pump structure at the John Day Dam in John Day, Oregon. Greenberry was contracted to supply a new MCC building for the replacement fish ladder pumps at the John Day Dam on the Columbia River. The contract value was approximately $800K.

The field fabrication of the downstream dam gate at the John Day Dam. This hydro gate fabrication project involved the critical shut down of the Columbia River water traffic to enable the replacement of the 50-year-old John Day Dam navigation lock downstream gate. Greenberry’s scope of services includes fitting and welding of the four new dam gate sections utilizing our AISC certification, with fracture critical endorsement.

Our track record of excellence makes us the perfect fit for your hydropower construction projects. Read below to see all of the different services we provide to our clients:

Field Construction & Maintenance

• Field Welding, Fracture Critical
• Piping / Valve Repairs
• Facility Upgrades
• Structural & Mechanical
• Structural Erection
• Heavy Rigging
• Equipment Installation
• Civil & Concrete
• Instrumentation


• Miter Gates
• Radial Gates
• Navigation Lock Gates
• Water Control Gates
• Piping
• Structural Steel
• Weirs
• Bulkheads
• Stop Logs
• Walkways & Handrails


Hydro Fabrication

John Day Dam Fish Ladder Pump Replacement Modular MCC Building – USACE

Hydro Fabrication

Foster Dam Fish Facility Upgrades – USACE

Hydro Fabrication

John Day Lock and Dam Navigation Gate Replacement Field Splice Welding – USACE

Hydro Fabrication

Dorena Dam Hydro Electric Construction – Dorena Hydro

Interior of the John W. Keys III Pump Generating Plant designed by Greenberry Industrial

John W. Keys III Greenberry Pump Project

Hydro Fabrication

The Dalles Dam Navigation Lock Gate Replacement – USACE