Modular Construction versus Stick-Built Construction

Is modular construction more cost-effective for my project than traditional stick-built construction?

This is the burning question that many of our clients ask us. Because our 46-year history as an industrial fabricator and constructor, we have first-hand knowledge of constructing both in the shop and the field.

Schedule, Budget, Quality, and Location

Over the years, we began naturally modularizing projects to help clients meet schedule compression, budget demands, quality requirements, and remote location limitations. Modular construction has many advantages, including:

• Better quality control and consistency for module duplication
• Testing and commissioning in our shop reduces costs
• Reduces performance-related startup delays on-site
• Limits disruption to existing plant operations
• Lower on-site construction costs especially remote locations
• Compress project schedules by allowing structural and mechanical work to occur in parallel with site preparation and foundations
• Decrease on-site safety risks

Modular Experience

We have experience building a variety of modules across many industries. Our experience includes everything from modular pipe rack fabrication to sealift mega modules. Modules we fabricate include:

• Sealift Mega Modules
• Drill Rigs
• Super Modules/Alberta-size modules
• Truckable Modules
• Modular Pipe Rack
• Modular Pipe Bridges & Systems
• Industrial Distillation Systems
• Process Modules or Process Skids & Systems
• Pump Modules
• Compressor Modules
• Equipment Modules
• Electrical Room Modules/E-houses/MCC
• Living quarter modules
• Bulk handling or Raw Material Handling
• Heater Treaters
• H2S Scrubber Modules
• High Tech/High Purity Water Processing Modules

Subject Matter Experts – Constructability Services

We have a team of experienced engineers, estimators, and construction managers that have built a large variety of modules and stick-built plants. Greenberry offers constructability services to help you navigate which direction you want to pursue and if modular construction makes sense for your project.

Call us today to discuss your project!

Link to our Modules Page and Full List of Module Services:

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